Other Catering Services

We do more than just school lunches. We started as a catering company and we continue to provide event catering services to individuals, companies, schools and universities, etc.

We can provide you "one stop shopping" and cater your luncheons, conferences, galas and other events as simply or as elegantly as you need.

And, speaking of needs, we can handle all types of special meal requests - vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free, protein focused, etc.

Delivered Meals

We can deliver both hot and cold food. Meals can be delivered as grab and go packaged/boxed meals or can be served to students daily in a cafeteria or buffet style line.

Onsite Cafe Services

If you have a kitchen and cafe or cafeteria on premise, we can work in your facilities and serve your students providing healthy choices they will enjoy.

In addition to handling the meal preparation and service, we can offer better than vending machine snack services, kitchen management (including facility food certification), oversee maintenance and other aspects of your food service management - providing a complete turnkey solution.

Also, keep your staff in mind! We can prepare and serve meals your teaching and administrative staff will enjoy. 

The meals are cost effective, tasty and provide a convenient, on campus option for your 
teachers and other staff.